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POSTED 11/23/15

Improving the Success of Biodiversity Conservation in the Bay Area

Check out a new blog post by Switzer Foundation Fellow and Pepperwood Climate Adaptation Scientist Dr. Nicole Heller.

Click here to read the post.
POSTED 10/15/15

Pepperwood Educators at National Conference

This week Pepperwood's education staff will be attending the North American Association for Environmental Education conference in San Diego, CA!

In addition to learning about the latest trends and research in environmental education and communication they will also be presenting best practices from Pepperwood. Education Director Sandi Funke will be moderating a symposium on fortifying the environmental career pipeline. Environmental Educator Nicole Barden will be presenting a poster on our TeenNat program.

Click here to learn more about NAAEE.
POSTED 10/3/15

Anniversary Sunset Celebration

Thank you to everyone who attended our Anniversary Sunset Celebration fundraiser on Saturday, October 3rd. Over $300,000 was raised to fund Pepperwood's work mitigating fire risks and restoring lands impacted by wildfire. We are touched by the support we received from the community!

Special thanks to our event sponsors:
American AgCredit
Exchange Bank
Jackson Family Wines
Nicholson Ranch
Summit State Bank
POSTED 9/18/15

TeenNat in the News

The Press Democrat featured an article about Pepperwood's TeenNat program!

TeenNat is an innovative youth leadership initiative that engages teens in science and nature through a 5-week summer internship at Pepperwood. Click here to read the online article.
POSTED 6/4/15

SCENIQ Accepted to Upstream Investments

Pepperwood's Students Conducting Environmental Inquiry (SCENIQ) program for local elementary schools has been accepted to Sonoma County's Upstream Investments Portfolio.

The Portfolio is a collection of local evidence-based programs proven to help eliminate poverty in Sonoma County and ensure equal opportunity for quality education.

Read more at our blog.
POSTED 5/21/15

Thinking Ahead about Climate Change in Sonoma County

Shouldn't our land conservation practices be informed by what our climate, water supply, and plant and animal life will look like in the future?

The Switzer Foundation just published a great article about the innovative work being done towards a more resilient Sonoma County, highlighting the leadership of Switzer Fellows including Pepperwood's Dr. Lisa Micheli and the ground-breaking climate research being done by TBC3.

Check it out here.
POSTED 5/15/15

New TBC3 Publication

Building Resilience to Climate Change

Pepperwood's Dr. Lisa Micheli and Dr. Nicole Heller are authors on a new TBC3 research publication in Ecosphere that explores how conservation networks that capture the full range of climatic diversity in a region will improve the resilience of biotic communities to climate change.

Click here to view the paper.
POSTED 4/27/15

Pepperwood in the News

The Press Democrat ran an interview with Steven Hammerich, our Wildlife Camera Technician!

Check out the web version here.
POSTED 4/13/15

Pepperwood in the News

A feature article about Pepperwood ran on the front page of today's North Bay Business Journal!

Read the web version here.
POSTED 4/12/15

Pepperwood in the PD

Pepperwood's President & CEO Lisa Micheli, PhD was quoted on climate in a recent Press Democrat column.

View the web version here.
POSTED 3/13/15

Pepperwood on KRCB

Sonoma County’s Climate Change Vulnerabilities

Dr. Lisa Micheli discusses Pepperwood's work with Climate Ready North Bay in a new segment on KRCB radio.

Check it out here.
POSTED 2/26/15

New Publication

Adapting California's Ecosystems to a Changing Climate

Pepperwood's Dr. Lisa Micheli and TBC3 co-chair Dr. David Ackerly are authors on a new research publication that explores the efforts California is taking to become more resilient in the face of a shifting climate.

Click here to view the research paper.
POSTED 2/4/15

Wildlife Cameras in the News

The Press Democrat recently ran an article on wildlife camera studies in the Bay Area featuring Pepperwood!

Click here to check it out.
POSTED 1/26/15

TBC3 Research in the News

Some of the work being done by TBC3 researchers on climate science and how changes may affect our local ecosystems have been featured in the news!

An LA Times article quotes Dr. David Ackerly, whose research on forest ecology includes 50 monitoring plots at Pepperwood.

Here's a related KTVU news piece that includes an interview with Dr. Ackerly.

And if you haven't yet seen it, check out this National Geographic feature on climate change and big trees.
POSTED 1/6/15

When in Drought

Pepperwood's Dr. Lisa Micheli presented on climate scenario science at a workshop in Gualala, CA on Saturday, January 10, 2015. Click here to read an article about it in Gualala's Independent Coast Observer.
POSTED 12/16/14

Fog Study Featured
in Eos Magazine

A paper by Alicia Torregrosa of the US Geological Survey which draws on fog data collected at Pepperwood made the front page of Eos Earth and Space Science News this week!

Entitled, Coastal Fog, Climate Change, and the Environment, the paper discusses research into the mechanisms that drive coastal fog in the Bay Area. Click here to read more.
POSTED 12/5/14

National Recognition

The White House has recognized Sonoma County as a national leader in climate action!

Here are some of the related projects Pepperwood is involved in:

- North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative, co-founded by our Executive Director Dr. Lisa Micheli

- Climate Ready North Bay, a collaborative with our county's Regional Climate Protection Authority

- Pepperwood's TBC3, a group of scientists who have produced some of the most detailed local climate projections in the nation

We're proud of what Sonoma County has accomplished and look forward to advancing our community's resilience to climate change even further in the years ahead.

Click here to read the White House press release.
POSTED 12/12/13

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POSTED 2/21/06

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Nature within reach

Explore a distinct habitat just an hour from San Francisco

Collecting native grass seed for planting

Pepperwood is a leader in conservation dedicated to inspiring kids of all ages to satisfy their natural curiosity and become stewards of our habitat.

Our 3,120-acre preserve is rich in biodiversity and serves as a refuge for hundreds of plant and animal species. It provides an incredible venue for the entire family to connect with nature through a broad range of experiential activities.

Discover unseen worlds

Experience Pepperwood’s biodiversity on an educational hike

Learning about upland vernal pools

Whether exposing children to the wonders of nature or training future conservation professionals, Pepperwood Preserve inspires the entire family to connect with nature.

Check out our offerings in wildlife biology, botany, anthropology, natural history illustration, and resource management.

Grow Your Curiosity

Ask questions, explore, discover

Exploring Turtle Pond

Pepperwood offers a comprehensive, year-long educational program in which students become scientists called SCENIQ — Students Conducting Environmental Inquiry.

Teachers and parents — contact us to reserve a spot for your class!

Pepperwood also offers a wide variety of family programming, including classes that focus on biology, art and more!

Each summer, we offer our week long Budding Biologists day camp.

Commit to conservation

Join a vibrant community of citizen conservationists

Planting oak seedlings

Pepperwood volunteers get to dig in and learn about our local ecology through fun experiential activities.

Try out activities like planting native habitats, building trails, and archiving collections. In the process, find yourself and some new friends in nature!

Not only is the preserve a large scale sanctuary for habitats, wildlife and
people, Pepperwood emphasizes hands on learning in a fantastic
outdoor lab at the top of several watersheds.
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